Authentic Mexican enchiladas

Authentic mexican enchiladas: the best red enchiladas recipe for you and your loved ones!

No one can resist this authentic Mexican enchilada recipe with fried corn tortillas. Make a delicious enchilada sauce to prepare your red enchiladas with an easy recipe.

In Mexican cuisine, enchiladas have a privileged place in everyone’s heart. It is the authentic Mexican dish that should not be missing from your table.

The delicious enchiladas are prepared mainly with a corn tortilla that is bathed in a sauce of different chili peppers.

They are so rich and varied that about 100 types of Mexican enchiladas are known, with similar recipes!

This traditional Mexican dish was born in pre-Columbian times. Even in the Florentine Codex, the word chillapitzalli stands out, which refers to “chili” and “flute.” In other words, the “flute enchilada” is a meal where tortilla and chili cannot be missing.

In Mexico, there are many different types of enchiladas prepared according to each region.

This is how we have come to enjoy one of our favorite kinds, the red enchiladas, which have tomato and some dried chili such as ancho or guajillo. Red enchiladas are ultra famous in the center and northern regions of the country and can include shredded chicken, potatoes, cheese, mincemeat, or another type of meat.

Green enchiladas are prepared with tomato, cilantro, or epazote and can also be stuffed with chicken or meat.

Swiss enchiladas, another variant of this food, have green sauce but are prepared with sour cream and are made gratin with Manchego cheese. It is said that this type of enchilas were created in a restaurant in Mexico City when a foreigner added gratin cheese in order to make their enchiladas less spicy.

The mining enchiladas have the characteristic of being corn tortillas bathed in a sauce with guajillo chile and fried in lard. They are filled with ranchero cheese and onion, as well as lettuce, cheese, slices of pickled chile, carrot and potato.

Potosina, northern, placera, Michoacan or cream enchiladas also stand out. This time, however, we have the recipe for red chicken or meat enchiladas as they are considered the most traditional in Mexican cuisine.

Mexican red enchiladas recipes

The authentic enchiladas rojas recipe have a delicious and easy. Follow it step-by-step and pamper your family or show off at your Mexican parties!

To make red enchiladas or the exquisite chicken enchiladas you will need:

Authentic Mexican enchiladas

Recipe by diego mendez


Prep time


Cooking time







    • Corn tortilla
    • Red Enchilada sauce, red sauce or ready-made Chile sauce (it can be found in some commercial stores where they sell Mexican products)
    • Shredded cooked chicken, rotisserie chicken or shredded beef
    • Fresh cheese (queso fresco) or cotija cheese
    • Sour cream or Mexican cream
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

    How to make the red sauce for enchiladas?

    How to make the red sauce for enchiladas?

    To make the enchilada sauce you will need:

    • Oil
    • A quarter of a medium onion, chopped
    • Salt and pepper
    • A large ball tomato
    • Half 1 tablespoon dried oregano
    • 1 guajillo chile and a clean wide chile without seeds
    • 1 ancho chile clean and seedless (note: a whole serrano pepper can also be used)
    • A garlic clove

    Once you have all the ingredients together, put the oil in a casserole dish or large skillet over medium heat and add the onion, chile and garlic. After this, season with the oregano, pepper and salt to taste. Once everything is cooked, blend it and heat the sauce for about 10 minutes until it turns a delicious red color.

    This is the easy recipe to prepare salsa from scratch. Please note: if you want a mild salsa, add a little chili so that it is not too spicy.

    By making this sauce, we guarantee that your dish will be very tasty for you and everyone else!

    For a successful enchilada, first pour oil into a large saucepan, casserole or skillet over medium heat and fry the corn tortilla for a few seconds.

    Then, place the tortilla in the sauce also for a few seconds, take it out and put the tortilla on a plate. It’s important to remember that performing these steps is essential so your enchilada remains whole and does not fall apart due to consistency.

    To assemble the enchiladas, place the filling of your choice whether it is the meat or the cooked chicken in the center of the tortilla (or on top of it); add much more sauce on top of the enchiladas to achieve tortillas dipped in sauce so you can cover it.

    Finally, sprinkle some cheese one top of your delicious enchilada. As an extra flavor, add sour cream and onion slices to your taste.

    Try this recipe and make modifications if needed. Maybe try another version of red enchiladas stuffed only with cheese or with potatoes and carrots even.

    As you have seen, the recipes for the best enchiladas Mexican are very flexible, as there are many recipe variations in the vast Mexican cuisine.

    Enjoy this recipe in the company of your loved ones.

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