Authentic Mexican tacos

Authentic Mexican tacos… all the flavor of Mexico in a single tortilla!

Mexican street tacos, just like authentic carne asada tacos, are delicious. Usually accompanied by cilantro, lemon, or avocado, discover the most famous and exquisite Mexican tacos!

Admit it: when you think of authentic Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind are tacos.

Mexican tacos condense the ancient flavor of its land and its people. Crispy, roasted, soft, slow-cooked, grilled, baked or seasoned with exquisite herbs… it is well-known that Mexicans know how to make a taco.

You’ll be able to enjoy a good taco with a corn tortilla, tomato sauce, or salsa accompanied by onion, cilantro or avocado practically anytime and anywhere in Mexico!

Whether street tacos, taquerias, corner stalls, the best restaurants in the country, or enjoyed at home with great recipes, Mexican tacos are a gift for the palate.

Tacos al pastor are perhaps the richest dish in the world, above other foods such as pizza, steak, sushi or spaghetti, according to internationally recognized expert chefs.

Mexican tacos have health benefits, too. In moderate portions, they have a large amount of nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin E and zinc. The corn with which tortillas are elaborated is rich in calcium and protein. And the chili in the Mexican sauce is good for the skin due to its antioxidants.

all the flavor of Mexico in a single tortilla!

Mexican tacos with a long tradition and history.

There are different versions about the origin of tacos. One of them says that the Spaniards brought them to Mexico when they discovered the continent. Another version states that fish or shellfish tacos already existed in this country even before them.

Mexican tacos, tacos with a Mexican flavor: it’s unique!

Tacos have become the darlings of families across Mexico. They make the case for authentic Mexican food. If you travel to this country, pay close attention to the main types of tacos you’ll find. Sometimes it can get overwhelming!

There are some authentic tacos in Mexico that will leave you with a pleasant taste in your mouth. The following should not be missed:

Meat tacos:

It is the best taco for those who already like Mexican dishes. These kind of tacos have a great flavor and a history dating back to the period of the Aztecs. Surely, if you try them, you will not be able to resist the golden coating and mild flavor of pork.

The authentic taco recipe for preparing Michoacán-style carnitas requires the sweet flavor of orange juice, aromatic herbs and lard. Once ready, it can be eaten in a taco with green or red Mexican sauce, onion, cilantro and lemon.

Carne asada tacos or steak tacos:

These Mexican tacos grilled or pan-fried are spectacular. We grill meat tacos in any of these ways – over charcoal, wood or a stove – with lots of seasoning.

Find authentic carne asada anywhere in Mexico, especially in the north region of the country. Among these exquisite meals prepared with beef, the Mexican ground beef tacos or flank steak tacos stand out. You can accompany them with a succulent meat broth.

Barbacoa Tacos:

Barbacoa tacos are a staple in Mexican food. The barbecue-style recipe is delicious but it also takes time to prepare. The barbacoa is traditionally cooked with a hole in the ground.

It is then covered with maguey leaves so that it can cook in its own juice. This leaves the meat soft and gives it an incomparable flavor. Once ready, it can be eaten in tacos with chopped onion, cilantro, and salt.

Mixiote tacos:

Muxtix tacos, Chezmic tacos, Quixtoes Taco, Don Cilantro, or MR Taco have the exquisite flavor of ancho Wrap them in maguey leaves while cooking them slowly in ovens.

Basket tacos (tacos de canasta):

The traditional Mexican basket tacos (tacos de canasta) are part of the Mexican street taco culture. They are rich in flavor and very cheap.

Fish tacos (tacos de pescado) or seafood tacos:

Fish tacos are commonly prepared with white fish. We can use them in every way desired, whether as breaded or fried. The tacos are usually served with a spicy chipotle mayonnaise sauce on a flour tortilla. Shrimp tacos are very popular.

Other authentic and tasty tacos from Mexico are the cochinita pibil tacos – typical of Yucatan.

You can also find Birria tacos, Tacos dorados with chicken, beef or other types of meat; even the vegan tacos with vegetables or soy meat are part of the food diversity in Mexico.

As it’s been established, regardless of type, tacos are delicious! They can be accompanied with Mexican rice or beans, too.

Remember that you should never take for granted the tortillas for special tacos. They are as important as the taco itself. For example, smaller tortillas used in basket tacos, pastor tacos, suadero tacos or eye tacos.

Whichever the case, the Mexican taco is a delight. Typically, you add sauce as spicy as you can take.

If you don’t have a way to make a Mexican sauce, you can top your Mexican tacos with bottled chili powder, hot sauce, or fresh lime juice for that special touch.

What Makes An Authentic Taco?

What Makes An Authentic Taco?

When it comes to tacos, there are a few key ingredients to achieve pure deliciousness.

First of all, the tortilla you’re using must be soft and fresh, never hard or stale.

Second, the filling should be plenty flavorful. Ideally, with a variety of meats, veggies, and sauces to choose from.

Lastly, the toppings should be fresh and zesty as they’ll add the perfect finishing touch to a delicious tacos.

With so many different ways to make a great taco, it can be hard to know which is the right way. But as long as you keep these key elements in mind, you’ll be sure to make a tasty taco!

How to Store and Freeze Mexican Tacos.

If you’re looking for an easy and delicious meal, Mexican tacos are a great option.

Whether prepared with ground beef, chicken, or pork, tacos are usually served with a variety of toppings like lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. Plus, they’re perfect for leftovers or meal prep since they freeze well.

Here’s how to store and freeze Mexican tacos:

Wrap them in foil or plastic wrap and place them in the fridge. They’ll be good for up to three days. If you want to freeze tacos, first make sure they’re tightly wrapped so they don’t dry out. Then, place them in a freezer-safe container and place them in the freezer.

When you’re ready to eat, just thaw the tacos overnight in the fridge. Then reheat them in the microwave or oven. Enjoy your Mexican tacos!

Types of Tacos: Corn Vs Flour Tortillas

There are two types main types of tortillas: corn and flour. This can affect the kind of taco you are preparing immensely. Both are delicious, but they’re different.

Corn tortillas are made with masa, a kind of corn flour, while flour tortillas are prepared with wheat flour. Corn tortillas are thinner and have a more delicate flavor than flour. However, they’re also more likely to break when filled with ingredients.

Flour tortillas are thicker and have a heartier flavor. They’re also more flexible, so they won’t break as easily.

Both types of tacos will be delicious, so it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer. If you’re looking for a lighter option, go for a corn tortilla. If you want something with more substance, go for a flour tortilla.

Tacos al Pastor!

Tacos al Pastor!

This is a kind of taco typically found in Mexico City. It is made with taco meat on a spit and often served with cilantro, as well as onions and salsa. Tacos al pastor is a type of street food, too.

These are commonly sold by vendors from stands or carts. In Mexico City, they are often eaten late at night after a night out.

Salsa Roja: the perfect addition to your taco

I love to put Salsa Roja on everything because spice makes food more exciting! It adds a vibrancy and a zing that can transform an ordinary dish into something special. It can brighten up a boring meal and add some much-needed flavor. Plus, salsa is just plain delicious!

Why is Mexican food spicy?

The food in Mexico is spicy because it constantly is prepared with chili peppers in many dishes. There are many kinds of chili peppers: red, green, yellow, and waxed. Regardless of what kind you choose, you can add a unique flavor and heat to dishes that can be mild or very spicy. There are also green peppers, dried, or fried. Peppers are a key ingredient in many sauces and salsas.

The heat level of chili peppers will vary depending on the type of pepper and how it is prepared.

For example, jalapeños are typically milder than habaneros. Fresh peppers tend to be less spicy than dried or powdered peppers, too. To have more control the spice level in a dish, cook with smaller amounts of peppers and add more if needed.

If you’re not a fan of spicy food, there are still plenty of delicious Mexican recipes to enjoy. Many of them call for only a small amount of chili pepper so the spice does not become overwhelming.

Other milder varieties of peppers are ancho or poblano peppers.

Is Mexican food vegan?

Is Mexican food vegan?

Not typically! Mexican food often contains meat, cheese, and other animal products. However, there are some vegan-friendly options available. These include bean and vegetable-based alternatives. With a little bit of creativity, it is possible to create delicious vegan Mexican meals.

Which Mexican food is gluten-free?

Mexican food is usually gluten-free because it is mostly made with corn tortillas, beans, rice, and vegetables.

There are many delicious gluten-free options available at Mexican restaurants. These include tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and more.

A taco establishment that is gluten-free is a great place to eat for people who are celiac or have a gluten intolerance; there are many different options of food to choose from.

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