LORENA-PELON PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Jelly Candy, Bulk, 1oz Bottles (Pack of 36)

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Thirty-six 1.06 oz bottles of LORENA-PELON PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Jelly Candy
Include this tamarind-flavored jelly in gift baskets and birthday party gift bags to add something delicious and unique
Bulk tamarind candy packaged in squeezable bottles that make eating your candy more fun than ever before




The best candy for a birthday party is PELON PELO RICO candy. This candy comes in a bottle and is made up of spicy, colorful jelly. Just squeeze the bottle and it is ready to eat. When you do, you are sure to taste a unique spiced up flavor, especially noticeable when you open the small bottle and pop it in your mouth. The convenient bottles are good enough for any occasion. So keep them handy to add some spice to everyday life. The small size of the bottles makes them very easy to take along wherever you go. Put some in your children’s lunchbox, have a piece after dinner, or distribute some during movie marathons.

This 1.06-oz. tamarind jelly is fun to have around for filling birthday and retirement party dessert baskets, plus bridal and baby shower gift bags that help bring the flavor of this tasty sweet at these ceremonies. These specialty LORENA-PELON jelly candies make it easy to make a great gift during these special occasions as well as for fill birthday and retirement party desserts, birthday parties and graduation parties.

LORENA-PELON PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Jelly Candy, Bulk, 1.06 oz Bottles (36 Count) mexican candy

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