Recipe for Mexican burrito

The homemade burrito is delicious in Mexico and the United States. We have the perfect burrito recipe for Mexican burrito!

Welcome to the burrito recipe for this traditional Mexican dish that is prepared with beans, flour tortilla, and cheese… or you can try another variant: a tasty beef burrito recipe. Both will delight your senses!

The Mexican burrito is almost as famous as Mexican tacos. It is a traditional dish in the region and, due to its large size and flavor, it has been positioned as one the favorite foods in homes and restaurants in Northern Mexico, as well as the southern region of United States, and around the border between both countries.

Unlike tacos, which are open, small, and usually made with corn tortillas, the burrito is larger and made with flour tortillas filled with meat or vegetables, beans, and cheese. Once you have these ingredients, the ends of the tortilla should be folded and then rolled up.

Why are they called Mexican burritos? Where do they come from?

Why are they called Mexican burritos?

Mexican burritos have a great tradition behind them! It is said that, during the Mexican Revolution, merchant Juan Méndez used a donkey – a burrito – for transportation. Then, he would sell the food wrapped in a tortilla in the state of Chihuahua.

Around that time, the burrito created by Méndez sold well, since it did not need to be served on a plate, as the giant flour tortilla could practically hold the filling. Thus, this type of food reached great success in the Mexican border state; apparently, it became popular in the city of El Paso, Texas, too.

However, it was not until the middle of the last century that burritos really earned popularity in the United States, when Mexican immigrants began to prepare them there.

Over the years, delicious food like burritos has been found in different restaurants, taquerias and street venues, especially in southern California or Texas.

Are Mexican burritos good for your health?

The nutritional benefits of burritos include:

  • Low carbohydrates, which helps with weight loss.
  • Vegetable burritos have a high-fiber content that helps good digestion.
  • Its vitamin contribution is vast. For example, vitamin C helps support the body’s immune system, while vitamin D contributes to good bone and dental health.
  • A burrito can provide you an important dose of energy.
  • Beans in the burritos help with ideal muscle health.

Delicious Mexican Burrito Recipe

Delicious Mexican Burrito Recipe

An authentic burrito recipe is one of the most sought-after among the exquisite Mexican cuisine. Here, we give you the secrets for how to make a homemade burrito with the best flavor!

Flour tortilla, refried beans (could be bay or black, too) beans, and Mexican cheese are the basic ingredients that can’t be missed when preparing your delicious meal.

Mexican burritos can be prepared with meat or vegetable fillings. They will taste even better if you top them with the salsa of your choice: chipotle, pico de gallo, enchilada sauce, guacamole, or sour cream. Serve with a cooked rice or white rice, depending on your preference for Mexican burritos.


  • If you want to prepare meat or beef burritos, put a skillet over medium-high heat or medium heat and add a small tablespoon of oil, as well as the ground meat or beef, chicken, fish fillet or beef mixture and season with spices, salt and pepper or other seasoning such as cilantro, onion or garlic.

Once the meat is fried, don’t forget to sprinkle with cheese and add beans or a little rice, if you wish!

  • After rolling out the flour tortilla and adding the beef or filling to your liking, don’t forget to wrap the burrito, by folding the edges.

It is a very easily prepared meat burrito recipe or beef burrito recipe. If you prefer, you can freeze burritos to reheat what you have left over for other meals.

What’s The Difference Between A Burrito And A Taco?

A burrito is a type of Mexican food that consists of a tortilla (usually a flour tortilla) wrapped or rolled around a filling. The most common fillings include beans, rice, meat (beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp), and cheese.

On the other side, a taco is another kind of Mexican food consisting of a corn tortilla filled with various ingredients. Tacos are typically smaller than burritos and are not wrapped or rolled. Common taco fillings include meat (beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp), lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream.

Ingredients in Ground Beef Burritos

Burritos are a type of Mexican food that consists of a flour tortilla wrapped around a filling. The filling is usually a mixture of meat, beans, rice, and vegetables. Beef burritos are a popular type of burrito made with ground beef as the main ingredient.

Homemade beef burritos are typically made with a taco seasoning mix for a flavorful taste. The beef is cooked in a pan with the taco seasoning and then placed inside a flour tortilla along with refried beans and enchilada sauce. Cilantro is often used as a garnish on top.

How to make vegan burritos?

You will need: burrito-sized flour tortillas, a filling of your choice (vegan refried beans or lentils work well), enchilada sauce, and medium heat.

Put a layer of enchilada sauce on the bottom of a baking dish. Fill each tortilla with your protein, then roll it up and place in the dish. Top with more sauce and bake for 20-25 minutes.


How to wrap a burrito

How to wrap a burrito

First lay out a large piece of aluminum foil or a flour tortilla on a flat surface.

Spread an even layer of refried beans, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese down the center of the tortilla. Add cooked rice, diced chicken, and salsa on top of the beans.

Fold the bottom of the tortilla up to cover the filling ingredients, then fold in the sides.

Finally, roll the burrito up from the bottom until fully wrapped.

Types of Mexican burritos

Mexican burritos come in many different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common: they’re delicious!

The most popular type of burrito is the classic beef burrito, but there are also chicken, pork, and vegetarian options. Most burritos are made with a flour tortilla, but you can also find them with corn tortilla or a spinach tortilla.

No matter what type of burrito you choose, you’re sure to enjoy it!

Did burritos originate in Mexico?

Burritos were created in Mexico and are typically prepared with a flour tortilla, which is filled with beans, meat, cheese, and other ingredients. They can be served either soft or fried.

Burritos are a popular food in the United States and are often found in Mexican restaurants.

Are burritos Mexican or Tex-Mex?

Burritos are a type of Mexican food that consists of a flour tortilla wrapped around a filling. It is usually a mixture of beans, rice, meat, and vegetables. Burritos are often topped with salsa, sour cream, or cheese.

There is some debate over whether burritos are Mexican or actually Tex-Mex. Some people argue that burritos originated in Mexico, while others claim that they were created in the United States by Mexican immigrants.

However, the most likely origin of burritos is the Mexican state of Sonora.

Can You Freeze Burritos?

For sure. Burritos can be frozen before or after they are cooked. If freezing cooked burritos, allow them to cool down completely before freezing. Wrap each burrito tightly in plastic wrap, then place them in a freezer bag. Frozen burritos will last for 2-3 months.

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